The City of Eastport

The ancient city of Eastport is the Western-most city in Leveron. It borders a dense, hazardous jungle to the west and precipitous cliffs to the east. Its remote westerly location and landlocked status give its name a confusing, almost ironic quality.

Governed by Lord Namus Highblade, Eastport is a fading afterimage of a once-thriving metropolis. Flaking paint and creeping vines now choke the masterful displays of architecture and city planning. Statues of long-forgotten heroes still stand, tarnished and damaged, throughout the city’s overgrown gardens and parks. Despite its current state, the citizens remain proud. They cling desperately to a past glory they can’t quite recall or justify. Formal balls and banquets are often held by the city’s upper class, though these would likely be considered shabby affairs by the standards of Leveron’s larger, more prosperous cities.

Though predominantly a human city, Eastport does sport sizable gnome and half-elf populations. Elves, half-orcs, and halflings are not uncommon, and even a few handfuls of dwarves have put down roots in the crevices of the city. More exotic races do occasionally pass through, though they rarely stay for long and are treated with polite curiosity and gossip.

The city is protected by large stone walls and several towers. Though in varying stages of disrepair, these fortifications are still more than adequate to keep the general population safe.

Notable establishments:
Tavern – Redwing’s Rest


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